Meteor is an open source real time JavaScript framework for building web apps. Telescope is a fabulous implementation of the meteor framework created by Sacha Greif. You can use Telescope to build your own social news website similar to Hacker News or Reddit. Sacha has recently released a new version of Telescope. The new version includes a great feature called "Post Modules" that allows you to add or remove features from Telescope in a modular fashion. I am using an older version of Telescope on which did not come with a default implementation for embedding images with your posts using Embedly. I had to some minor hacks to get Embedly working with Telescope. You can find the changes in the gist here. But in the new version of Telescope, you can use the Post Modules feature to enable the Embedly feature in a much cleaner way. Sacha has a great post that demonstrates doing just that. Check out the post here.

For an excellent introduction to the meteor framework watch this video by Sacha.

AuthorMurali Narasimhan